Dear Friends & Family,

I am writing to share some exciting news with you regarding the amazing things going on in my life. Many of you know at the end of last year I ventured on a mission trip to Haiti for four weeks. Needless to say it was the most wonderful and life changing experience I have ever had. Through that trip God spoke to me and made me realize that my life before is something of the past, and my renewed life in Christ begins! I want to share with you some of my experiences that I wrote in my journal during my time there and the things that God was doing in me and in Haiti.

I am hearing God call me to missions. I have prayed over and over for God to send me a sign. A sign for Him to reveal in which way He speaks personally to me, and he has answered numerous times. Throughout the years I have lived a life devoted to myself, and my needs only. When God spoke to me it made me realize that I longed for a new life and a changed heart.

Once I arrived in Haiti I was nervous, so many people rushing to take my suitcase. I was frustrated and annoyed thinking to myself, “These people need to chill out!” Then it came to me, this is how they make a living and feed their families. It was then when God started to show me His grace, the same grace he had showed me in my old life. After I left the airport i was taken to St. Damiens Hospital, I asked why were we going and Michelle, one of the directors said we were going to see an eleven month old… who has AIDS. When the word AIDS was spoken my heart dropped into my stomach and a feeling of anxiety came over me. In my mind I thought I did not sign up for this, I do not want to hold him, or will I catch AIDS. When I walked into the critical babies unit I saw him, Ken Ken. A sickly little boy who could barely sit up and was dying, but I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I fell in love.

This was not only the beginning of Ken Ken’s healing but also my own. Throughout my time there I would pray for him and God would tell me to pray over him which in my mind I thought what could my prayers do? Little did I know the power of our God. Day by day  his health would improve and the fact that when I arrived in Haiti I was told his days were near end and that now God was healing him astonished me. By the end of my trip Ken Ken had become so much healthier that my team and I were able to take him home!

Through all this God showed me if He could heal a boy who was supposed to die, He could heal the hurt and pain I was suffering form my past… AND HE DID! God not only created a miracle with Ken Ken, he also created a miracle inside my heart. He made me a brand new creation, wiped clean of all my burdens and broke the chains that bound me to my old life! It felt amazing! No one other than our GOD is worthy of this praise!

Needless to say I am excited to return to Haiti. God has called me to help his people and children. Also while I was in Haiti God gave me the confidence to do something I never thought I was capable of, teaching English. I barely passed college English so how in the world was I going to teach something I was bad at! Once again I should never doubt our God! Through Him I was able to teach English to children all the the way up to intermediate. It is so cool what God can do.

When I return to Haiti I will be teaching English as well as sharing Gods word and love with them, and then one of the most exciting things to come on my next adventure is reconnecting with Ken Ken and his mother to show them that my love and God’s love for them is forever!


Thank you so much for your support and most importantly your prayers!

Your Sister in Christ,



6 thoughts on “Support

  1. Mike & Page Aman says:


    Mom and I are so excited that you got to be with Ken Ken and his mother. We are so very proud of you and how you are serving the Lord with your life…it really is life at it’s fullest.

    Continue to seek Him in all you are doing and give Him all the glory. We Love You Carley!

    Mom & Dad

  2. Carley: Our lives are God’s story told on the canvas of our life. He is telling a great story about His love and power through your life. I know the painting will take many years to complete and that the Master Artist is creating a masterpiece. I rejoice with you and look forward to supporting you with prayers and finances.

    All our love, Robert Beaman and family.

  3. Jim LaBrec says:

    Carley- you and your family are so awesome! Mary, Cassidy, Madison, Alex and I are so inspired by your story and how beautiful a person you are in our eyes and in His. In order for a valley to exist, there must be a mountain. I’m sure you have had some lowpoints in your life and have dwelled in the valley at times- but keep climbing that mountain as we can tell you are- and you will see the glory of God more intensely. Mary and I pray that our daughters will be strong young women and have the love for the Lord that you are showing us today.
    -Love, the LaBrecs.

  4. blake baker says:

    Girlfriend. I am shamed that it has taken me 5 months to view this. You have always been a special gal to me and I am SO GLAD that you have realized that you are a special gal to GOD even more so. Shalom, and peace my friend. Sounds like you have already found it, but i wish it for you and pray that you revel in being chosen by Him to do His bidding and bless you for having the heart to do it!

  5. Luke Walker says:

    Hi Carly, it’s Luke from the U.K., we met in Raleigh, hopefully you remember me? I think the work that you are doing in Haiti is so inspirational, what a special person you are. It would be great to hear from you and hear more about what you have been up to. Can I donate some money to your cause?

    Hope to hear from you,
    Luke xxx.

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