Mission Update





LEAVING IN 10 DAYS! SO excited getting nervous this is a big step to stay for this long but GOD has opened this door so Im putting all my trust in HIM and walking through that doorway! I feel so blessed!

13 MORE DAYS UNTIL HAITI! I am so excited I can barely stand it! Ready to see all the children at the children’s home and KEN KEN! Thank you for everything you are doing in my life Jesus, God you are so Amazing!!!


7 thoughts on “Mission Update

  1. Caroline Edwards says:

    Carley, I am so proud of you and your journey! God is doing something awesome in your life and HE is so proud of you. I know that you are making such an impact in the children and people of Haiti. May God keep you safe in your Journey for HIM>>

    With many blessings,
    Caroline Edwards (Angel’s mom)

  2. kessy acceme says:

    i knew GOD will call you!!! i cant wait to have you here sister,,, you are an amazing person, your life corect my life in some point.. thank you GOD for Carley you sent on my way and for her heart!

  3. Kelsey Tipton says:

    Carley, I am so very proud of you! This is amazing!!! You are such a blessing to so many people!! I am thrilled to see you using your incredible talents in such a remarkable way! You are in my prayers!! Have a wonderful and safe journey!

    Much love,
    Kelsey Tipton

  4. pastor Cuco says:

    Carley , we thank the Lord for your life, we have been praying for you, and we will continue to pray for you, and remember just keep on being faithful, because our God the living GOD, is always faithful, he never fails, a big hello from tia juana, mexico. love, pastor Cuco and Laura

  5. Ed Congleton says:

    Ms. Carley,
    I have not met you, but I have been in C-12 with you Dad for the last 2-3 years. Mike has kept us apprised of you struggles. I want to congratulate you on your transformation. To hear God’s message and hear the “light” in your post is so inspiring and uplifting. I wish you the utmost success in your stay in Haiti. This experience speaks volumes to the change in you life. It would be wonderful for you to attend a C-12 meeting and share your experiences with the group. Good luck and God speed.

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