The Mission

My mission is not my mission, it is Gods mission. I know that God has BIG plans for me in Haiti and I cannot wait to serve God and the people of Haiti. In the end these people will bless me more than I could ever bless them. They have all touched my heart and hopefully they will see the light of Jesus through me and will want the same joy that our savior has given me!!


3 thoughts on “The Mission

  1. Kyle says:

    I have pretty much read everything you have posted on your webpage and I think that this is awesome. God is great!!! I really feel that with the love you have in your heart that you will truly bless alot of people not only in Hati but with everyone you share your story with. Its was so great seeing you not long ago and I hope that everything goes well on your mission back to Hati. Really breakes my heart to hear true stories of your buddy ken ken but I am glad to know that he is doing better. I am sure that it’s your beautiful smile that has helped him get better. Take care girl and I will be keeping up with you sweetie!!! God Bless!!

    Your Friend… Kyle

    • Kyle, you have no idea what your word mean to me. Its people like you and your support that make this worthwhile. My story has been a hard one but I am excited to start a new story! Thanks for being here for me and caring! Your awesome love ya buddy! And you are truly a blessing to me and to our Savior!

  2. Carley: I am amazed at our God and His glorious work in your life. I pray that He will continue to let you know the height, the depth and breadth of His love. We are the canvas that He paints His story for the world to see and he is telling His great story marvelously through you! PRAISE!

    Praying for you! The Beamans

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"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

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