New Mercies

It’s crazy to sit back and look at my life, and see how much God has blessed me. I’m flying home to see my wonderful family minus one, only to return back in one week to my amazing second home in West Palm Beach. 2 years ago it was hard to imagine what life would be like living a life of sobriety and living a life for God, and now is hard to think about living any other kind of life than sobriety and serving God. Through this journey The Lord has blessed me with life long friends and hopefully a life long mate :), He has also restored my family and my life with His grace. And even when I do not trust in Him all the way He continues to provide for me and love me, which blows my mind!

The other night at Christ Fellowship, the church I am working for, we had a night of worship; where the theme was hymns. As I heard the people singing the hymns and worshiping I felt a sense of peace come over me, I wasn’t sure why but I knew that God was speaking to me. I then walked up stairs to see my boyfriend standing in a crowd of people worshiping Jesus will all of his heart, and at that moment that was Gods way of saying he loved me. Later that night I sat with him and worshiped as the song How Marvelous was played and realized that my marvelous God has blessed with me an amazing man. Throughout that week I had been stressed and anxious about different things in my relationship and really needed a sense of peace with it all. And as He always does Jesus showed up with just what I needed in His perfect timing. You know God works differently everyday in my life. Some days he shows up with little mercies and other days he shows up with a big boom! I feel like he might be saying those days in a big shouting voice I LOVE YOU MY DAUGHTER LOOK AT ALL MY BLESSINGS I HAVE GIVEN YOU! And you know what He’s right. I am undeservingly blessed. I sin, I am unrighteous, but God continues to never stop loving me. That’s why He is so marvelous! Even though I fall and stumble He is always there no matter what. He loves me unconditionally and strives to be in a relationship with me no matter what it takes to get my attention. When our relationships began to fill us with doubt and discontent it is not the earthly relationships that usually need fixing. It’s our heavenly relationship with our eternally Father. People will always let you down but your God never will! And when satan try’s to make your relationships rocky its then when you cry out to Jesus for them to become steady again. He is the only one who can satisfy and fill you up. But He does give you people on this earth to show His love and I know he has placed Jonathan in my life for that reason. I am so blessed and in awe at how much God loves me and how he continues to pour out is grace on me. He has placed very special people and relationships in my life and I am so excited to where He takes them! I serve such an amazing savior who never ceases to amaze me 🙂


My wonderful Family


My best friend 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Mercies

  1. keat5700 says:

    I love reading your blog. I’m glad everything is working out. God is awesome, and it’s nice to know there are still people like you. I look forward to your next update!


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