Bring On The Jesus!

WE are still doing well and safe here in Haiti, thank you everyone who has been praying for us on our journey! Today was an amazing day. We woke up at 6:30 for breakfast and soon after had our first devotion with another team from Cullman Alabama. After our devotion we headed to the tent camp where I spent most of my time during my last stay in Haiti. It was so wonderful to see the people, women and children I had cared so much for and for them all to remember and greet me with such love and joy!  I was so anxious to see my two little sisters Melissa and Soluce, and when they finally came around the corner they rushed towards me with tears in their eyes and jumped into my arms, it was so overwhelming and beautiful I myself could not hold back the tears. The love I have for them is what keeps my heart beating for this nation. It was very cool for the girls on the team to see the people I have been talking about for so long and interact with them almost as if they knew them already. Soon after arriving we spilt off in groups and went on a prayer walk around the tent camp.  We found people in need of prayer and some in need of Jesus! It was awesome to see the girls praying and loving on the people as Christ would. Many of the girls had instant connections with the children in the tent camp and soon had many followers that were jumping all over them and some had no time in-between putting a child down and one picking one up again. At the end of our time there we held a little conference to talk to the people about how they are adopted into a family and that they have a Heavenly Father who will always love them and claim them even when no one else does, which is a very prevalent thing in Haiti with such a high rate of broken homes. It was very neat to see the girls as there spirits began to be awakened to this third world culture, and I can not wait to see what else God had in store for us!!! I am so overwhelmed with the joy of The Lord and I could not be happier to be back with the people that helped soften my heart! I love this nation and all the people in it and I am excited to continue this amazing journey with these amazing women.


The Girls at the top of the mountain Yesterday after church




The two sisters that have stolen my heart, Melissa and Soluce



My sweet girl Soluce and I


One thought on “Bring On The Jesus!

  1. Mike Aman says:

    So proud of your heart to seek and serve Jesus.
    I love you C!

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