What an interesting week this has been. I have so much running through my mind and so much I want to say about how I see our God moving in my life and in the lives of others around me. Last Monday I had to fly home for a court date from a previous charge in my past before I had been redeemed by Christ. It was a pretty serious charge but from the way my lawyer explained it there would not be very serious consequences because of all the work I had done to change my life. We got to court, we meaning my dad and I at 9am and we did not get out of there until 7pm, needless to say it was a long day. When it was finally time to try my case the judge called me forward and my lawyer began to defend me in a not guilty plea. In the back of my mind I’m thinking wow I was pretty guilty in the situation. At the end of the trial my lawyer had put up a good fight, but the judge found me guilty.I though because of all the steps I had done to radically change myself I figured that he would go easy on me. When he began to sentence me the DA pushed for 30 days jail time, supervised probation and losing my license for 4 year active as of now. My stomach sunk and the feel of anxiety rushed over my body. I was thinking I can’t go to jail! The judge then asked me if I had anything to say for myself and at that moment I shared my testimony and the amazing work God did in my life to heal me from my past. At the end I stated that my God believes in grace mercy but he also believes in justice and that I was ready to suffer the consequences of my actions because today I stand firm upon the rock of my Savior. The judge looked at me with a blank stare and at that moment I felt like I could have passed out on the floor right that minute. The judge then said for the first time in his career as a judge he believed I had radically changed and for the first time since 1979 he would not send someone to jail for what I had done. I was shocked and as tears rolled down my face and then I realized what had just happened…. A miracle. I was given the minimum consequence and was free to go. I was free, God once again had set me free from bondage literally. Before I shared what He had done In my life the officer or the court was ready to take me in hand cuffs and that night I walked out of that court with chains broken. God never ceases to amaze me. Time and time again he shows me grace when I don’t deserve it, and He continues to love me no matter what I have done. I am beyond blessed at the miracles God performs in my life everyday. Nothing else of this world got me to the  place I am today, only the one true risen King and I couldn’t be more grateful. Our God is so good and so powerful, nothing is impossible when God is on your side! And at the end of the day and the case is over my Savior charges me NOT GUILTY!


5 thoughts on “NOT GUILTY

  1. Daniel Diaz says:

    I don’t know what the average reaction to this testimony is.. But I can’t help but to rejoice with tears of Joy, for how much He loves you. I am so grateful for what He’s done in you and the life that you now walk with. He is obsessed with you. He has so many plans for you. He wants to show you all the secrets of the beauty of His Kingdom on this Earth! YESHUA!

  2. says:

    Precious and amazing… I love you! mom

  3. Debbie Edwards says:

    WOW, Carley, what a testament to your faith. You are indeed blest and loved. God’s Grace and Mercy are more than we could ever imagine. My heart is so full for you! xo

  4. Sarah Fisher says:

    WOW. God continues to blow my mind. I thought of this song when I read your blog. Wow carley he is so good! You are so loved!

    -Sarah Fish

  5. Kim Mills says:

    Sweet Carley, God is good and he sees our hearts and he knows that yours has been restored..thank you Jesus for GRACE!! I am proud of you. My love and prayers are with you daily.

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