Amazing Life

Well I leave for Florida in less than two weeks, and I am very excited to branch off on this new adventure. I can’t believe how God has worked in my life and given me this opportunity to go back to school and reach my goals I thought I would never accomplish. Also, last weekend I was able to spend some time with my sister and her husband and fellowship with them. It was so amazing to see how God is working in there lives and being able to see my sisters faith grow along side of mine is awesome! SHE is my true sister in Christ and I am so lucky to have her as a big sis! And this week Im spending it with my magical little brother  and being able to grow even closer to him. His child like faith is something I long to have more of. It is wonderful to see how God restores all things!  Sometimes I have to take a step back and say “ Wow this is my amazing life.”

I must confess though the devil has been throwing me some curve balls that I have had to dodge. Many of them have been distractions, trying to get me to focus on things my flesh enjoy but in the long run will turn me away from my great purpose and that is serving Him and others. I would find myself getting caught up in worldly things such as the way I look, money, and men. I think these are very typical things that other 23 year olds think about but I know in my heart that where my true focus should be is on my Savior. He still has so much more to do in my life and he will bring me the things I desire in my heart when the time is right. But when I lay in bed and think about what my heart desires my mind veers off to this beautiful place called Haiti and the beautiful people of that nation. I think about what God taught me during that time and I realize that the things I worry about are nothing compared to the suffering people go through in our world.  I am blessed and highly favored and I think I tend to forget that, I get so caught up with ideas of does make me look fat or does he like me? When I should be asking am I serving my King as best as I possibly can, and the answer is no I’m not. And no that does not make me a bad person but it makes me realize I am a work in progress and I should not settle for mediocre service but to serve with all of my heart! Instead of being caught up with worldly things I need to focus on what God has intended for my life. Being under his righteous wing I now know that I will not settle for less than what God has intended for me. He has great things for my life and I know that the devil will throw more curve balls but, THE BATTLE IS THE LORDS! I am beyond excited to see where He leads me when I move to West Palm Beach and finish school and I know my time in Haiti is not done yet. He is so good and I am so blessed to be where I am right now in this amazing life.

I Am Sailfish See ya soon Florida!


One thought on “Amazing Life

  1. Nikki says:

    I love reading your blog! The devil will try to distract you but you keep the faith and live your life to please the King!!! Praying for your strength!!!

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