Not all those who wander are Lost

I have not written a blog in a while and I kind off feel bad about abandoning it for so long, but God has been working in my life in so many ways its hard to jot them all down in one sitting. I just recently returned from Nicaragua on a surf trip with my dad. We were there for one week and it just so happened to be during my 23rd birthday, not a bad birthday if I say so myself! Before going on the trip I told my dad that it was very important to me that we find mission opportunities while we were there. So we decided to get soccer balls for street kids and share love with the Nicaraguan children that way. Once we got to the camp there were so many children and not enough soccer balls, but we did the best we could with what we had. But there was something else missing from this mission minus not enough soccer balls, the testimony of JESUS! Which is how I came to find out that the most need for Jesus was not from the children, but from the surfers at our camp. Each day me and my father would begin making conversation with them and I even told my testimony to a few guys, needless to say they were in awe. The surfer lifestyle is partyyyy, and trust me I know all about it. When I shared with them that I don’t drink or use they gave me a look like “Are you for real?”, but then I shared why I don’t do those things and I think that was an even bigger shock, they pretty  much thought I was party girl turned nun. It was hard for them to grasp the fact that I was a follower of Jesus Christ and that He had saved me from my brokenness, until I told the story of Ken Ken. After sharing Gods awesome works in my life some of them started to share what their struggles were, one was a man with a serious cocaine addiction and that he had struggled 20 years with it. He asked me How I was able to heal and move on from my troubles and I told him over and over that Jesus was my only way out. So during this time we noticed that day by day the guys at the surf camp would gravitate towards us asking questions sitting our table where before every meal My father and I would pray, we were almost like aliens from another planet to them, but they hungry for things other than food. On my birthday a couple of us decided to go into the city Leon and do some site seeing and the man I described earlier with the cocaine addiction drove us there with 3 other guys. It was beautiful there with a huge cathedral and little shops I loved it but the best part was lunch. As we all sat down  I ordered my usual water with lemon and others awkwardly ordered non alcoholic drinks. And a couple of minutes later my friend who drove said “Never have I come to Leon and not order whiskey and beer, and here I sit drinking water and melon juice.” When he said it I saw tears welling up in his eyes. It was the most priceless moment of my trip.

Tuesday night came and my 23rd birthday was staring me in the face and so was my past, and being my age in a different country with 20 surfer boys was prime time to get messed up like I use to and the devil kept reminding me of hard it was, Just let loose be free it will be fun. But you know what life is hard, not hard enough. Not hard enough for me to sway and fall down dark routed paths. This world wants me to fail and to bring me back to painful places, but I refuse! My Savior reached down and picked me up of my face and I don’t ever plan on being there again. So with that In mind my birthday was the best birthday I have ever had. Still 20 surfers singing happy birthday to me and all of them from different countries, some young some old but all proud of me for how far I have come in my walk of life. But there was one there that was the most proud, my dad. To see him here with me in this milestone of life and be proud of me and the woman I have become in Christ was the best birthday gift a girl could ask for. So again I say BEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRR!

It soon came where we had to depart and say our goodbyes and every single person came to us and said that we had something special, and we knew exactly what it was, and so did they, Jesus. These guys where so hungry for hope and it was very obvious. It was such a blessing to see what God’s purpose was for my father and I in Nicaragua. Each one of them made an impact on my life and I know that I will continue to pray for them daily. I hope that the seeds we planted grow and prosper and that they find what they are looking for. Which is what brings me to one of my favorite quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien with my own little twist.

“Not all those who wander are lost………

  Just searching”

So blessed by this trip and by my father, this is dedicated to him, Love you dad.


2 thoughts on “Not all those who wander are Lost

  1. Marsha Matthews says:

    Carley,love your blog.Your cousin Allyson sent me here. We live in Palm Beach Gardens about 15 minutes away from your school. Friend me on Facebook and I can help you get connect with kids your age down here. One of mt good friends played volleyball at PBA and is our secretary at Church. Awesome girl and about your age so would like to introduce you guys. Look forward to meeting you. Keep shining your light. Marsha Matthews

  2. Erica says:

    I’m glad you had a great birthday love&miss you! You are my inspiration ❤

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