A Child Will Come and Save Them

I never thought in a million years a little boy would help save my life. A little boy dying of aids that God used to restore me. Thursday night I had a gathering of all my sponsors who donated to me for Haiti and I shared my testimony. I was able to share to my loved ones family and friends what the Lord had done in my through this little boy. The amazing work or restoration though the healing of this child helped me realize that God is possible of anything, even healing me of my past. The lord knew that I needed Ken Ken during my time in Haiti to heal and learn unconditional love. Leaving him and his mother was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. The morning after I shared my testimony with my loved ones Ken Ken passed away. When I got the news I was in shock I did not know how to feel he was almost like my own child. Then the Lord started speaking to me. The night before I had shared how this little boy had changed my life and all the wonderful work God had done through out my time in Haiti. Its almost as if I had fulfilled that season of my life by sharing to all the ones that care about me the most what Jesus had done to restore me through Ken Ken. Ken Ken was in pain and was suffering and the Lord knew that so once Ken Ken had fulfilled his purpose in my life the Lord took him, took him to eternal healing.It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that when ever I return to Haiti that I will not be able to hold him  and love on him. But I can rest in the fact that he is receiving the ultimate love from our Savior Jesus. God knew exactly what I needed during that time of my life and I never would have thought it would be a child dying of aids. Our Lord has perfect timing and I am astonished at how he works. I will forever think of that boy in each day of my life, because I saw Jesus and redemption in his face. I thank God and my Savior for that little boy and I am overwhelmed for His love for me. I love you Ken Ken you changed my life and I will never forget you, I now have an angel looking over me at all times sitting right beside our powerful God.

This is a video that a team made for me during my last days in Haiti, thank you Ordinary Heros love you guys.


3 thoughts on “A Child Will Come and Save Them

  1. Caroline Edwards says:

    Bittersweet! Such a touching testimony Carley. I am so proud of you and your renewed strength and faith in the Lord. You are such an inspiration to other Young people that may have lost their way. God Bless and keep you in HIS Covering forever. What a Blessing Ken Ken was to you and others. He was a little Fighter for the Lord!! But he is Renewed now and is Whole again, NO MORE Suffering!

    Many Blessings!
    Caroline Edwards (Angels’ mom)

  2. Rebecca Henderson Denton says:

    Carley, Carley, my sweet Carley!
    What a blessing YOUR story has been to me! I have looked forward to and have checked my email daily looking for your posts. What a powerful story you have and you have encouraged me through your words in difficult experiences in my own life. Thank you for your honesty, vulnerability, and allowing us all to walk this experience with you, and for teaching/sharing the way the Lord has worked in such an awesome way in your life. I enjoyed the video and I will be praying for you and Ken Ken’s mother as your grieve the loss of this precious child on this side of heaven. Please give your family my love……you all are so precious to my heart.

    Love and many hugs!

  3. Karen says:

    Carley –
    Meredith shared a link to your not guilty story and I’ve been searching your blog since. I know I read some stuff you wrote during your initial trip to Haiti but now I’ve watched your video about Ken Ken and I am falling to pieces. How sweet and special and how amazing that God placed this child in your life at exactly the right time. I’ve not been to the Haitian side of the island but I know that the island possesses special healing powers and is filled with God’s presence. So proud of you and the hard changes you have made in your life.

    Karen Harrington

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