This is Living

This week has been the most powerful week of my life. God has done so many things in my heart and soul I don’t even know where to begin. This week the Lord has reminded me of how far I have come. This week in our tent camp classes I was able to teach the story of John 8, the story of Mary Magdalene. This is a very powerful story that touches my heart in so many ways, a story of a broken woman lifted up by our Savior has my name written all over it. I told my class that women who act as Mary did are filled with pain and hurt and that being thrown out into the street by men ready to stone her was probably the ultimate feeling of shame. The same shame that many women feel today that is rooted from the devil himself. He tells women like Mary and myself that we are unworthy and unclean and the Lord says NO, You are beautiful you are worthy and you are pure. I my self have gone through pain and shame because I have had a part of my heart stolen from me leaving me feeling broken and alone in this world. While teaching the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and tell me that there was brokenness on that bus sitting right in front of me. I then asked if anyone would like to come up and have a prayer of restoration over there life and restore the hearts. Young women slowly began raising there hands and coming forward and tears starting flowing from eyes. Right then the lord began to restore each and everyone of them. He made each one hole and mended together there broken hearts, just as He did mine. The power of restoration of life is like no other feeling and those women are reminders each day that the Lord has healed me and everything that has been stolen from me is restored and I am one again. Our GOD IS SO amazing!!!!

Today was one of the hardest days of my life. I went to see my beloved Ken Ken for maybe the last time. Walking up to his tent I felt anxious, as I walked up I see his mother giving him a bath and she sees me and runs and hugs me! I see Ken ken and he looks at me with those wide eyes and I saw Jesus looking right back at me through that little boy. As we spent time together I tell his mother that I am leaving tuesday and Im not sure when I will be back and as I say the words tears begin falling down my face. When I look up I see tears falling down her face as well. She then says that her hope began when I entered into her life, and then it hit me. The Lord brought us together for both me and her son to be healed. He knew what I needed as well as her and the love I had for her son gave her hope that the her son gave me. Jesus told me through this little boys healing that I can also be healed and restored. It is amazing to see that the Lord shines his light through the most unexpected places and people, like Ken Ken. A little boy dying of AIDS now living because God healed him and knew that I needed Ken Ken to be healed. Leaving him and his mother was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I no that his story has already impacted nations and most importantly impacted me. I serve such a WONDERFUL GOD full of healing and love and I am astonished in the wonders he has done in my life. This nation and these people have forever stamped my heart with hope and have showed me what true faith is. I leave in one day and I can leave knowing that I AM RESTORED, I AM HEALED, AND I AM HIS! Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for working in me in these past 5 months, my heart is overwhelmed with your love for me. I am a child of God and there is no greater feeling.

This is love, Im going to miss them so much


3 thoughts on “This is Living

  1. stodd72 says:

    Carley, that is so precious…and I’m so thankful that you can say and know that you are His daugher, His princess, purified, whole and free! He loves you so much! It is incredible to see and hear all He has done in and through you already…. thanks for sharing. Hoping we can get together once you settle back in at home here. 🙂

  2. Hi Carley,
    I got a link to your blog from my daughter’s former preschool teacher, Courtney Allen. My husband and I are adopting a little boy from an agency in Port Au Prince and leave to visit for the first time in less than a month. I loved looking at your photography and reading your blog. Thank you!

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