For me? Yes for me.

As I sat tonight watching Passion of the Christ I felt I was prepared. As the scene of the whipping an scourging of Christ comes on the screen I feel a hand squeeze mine and sounds of weeping. To the left of me is my friend Martine, who is a young Haitian woman who works with us here at Chadasha. Martine barley speaks any english but she was fully aware of what was being shown. As they scourged Jesus the hold on my hand grew tighter and the sounds of weeping grew stronger. I was not prepared for this. We sat there together crying, watching Him being beaten, watching Him be spit on, watching Him get nailed to a cross, and watch Him die a horrible death. I have watched this movie before but never in these circumstances. This year is different. As my hand grew numb I began to realize that He not only died for everyone, He also died for me. Every lash of the cat of nine tales was by my hand, every thorn in his head was from my placing it on, and every nail in his body was from my hammer. All of my sin was cast upon Him and he died so that I may live, and while He was beaten by the sinner like me, I was the one He was thinking of. He thought of each and everyone of us, even the ones who don’t believe. I do not deserve everything He did for me, but He did it. He has given me this new life that I never thought I would have. He saved me from nights I should have died, He saved me from nights I could have killed others, He saved me from nights where I deserved to die, but He knew…that it was not my time. He has a plan for me, and He has a plan for Martine, and He has a plan for you. As the movie ended Martine turns to me and gives me a look I will never forget. I then realize I am not the only one who was blown away by His grace. When I stepped outside and looked at the stars I felt His embrace and the Holy Spirit come over me. I am so blessed to be serving our amazing God who loves us so much He sent His Son to die for me, and for you. But the thing this year He wants me to remember is that He rose! That He was not a victim, He was a victory! And that there is pain in His death, but there is rejoice in His rising! Thank you Jesus for dying for me and rising for me because there is no bad ending when your faith resides in the One who saves.

God’s Beautiful Haiti


3 thoughts on “For me? Yes for me.

  1. Jess R says:

    Beautiful entry. Happy Easter

  2. Mike Aman says:

    He/She who has the Son has Life!

    I praise God this morning as He loves us, yes each one of us, and proved it by taking what we deserved so that we would not have too.

    I am so thankful for the amazing work the Lord is doing in and thru your life Carley.

    We serve a risen Lord & Savior and for this I praise Jesus!

    Love and miss you Carley!


  3. Happy Ressurection Day to such a good and faithful servant! I am enjoying reading
    your website. Like you I remember watching the Passion of Christ and feeling your same thoughts. Especially how much HE loves me, but most importantily by HIS stripes I am healed.
    Thank you for your faithfulness and I can’t wait to see you when you return…
    Love with many blessings,

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