Walk the Walk

So the past three days have been amazing! God is blessing me in so many ways I feel overwhelmed with his love for me. To start off, on Tuesday the other intern and myself  planned to teach english class to the older children at our children’s home, and at the end we would teach them a scripture. With the scripture, which was Genesis 1:1, I was able to create an art project for them to do after the lesson. We taught them basic greetings (hello, goodbye, and thank you) and it went very well with a little added humor to keep it fun. After the lesson ended we started on the art project. While watching them work on the projects I began to see huge smiles on their faces and joy from them bouncing of the walls, and I can honestly say seeing this gave me such a high I think I myself could have bounced right off the walls. When they all finished they stood proud holding their creations and posed for a picture, and they all looked so beautiful. I told myself before this that I would never want to be an art teacher but God has a way of changing our thinking, you never know what God has in store for your life.

Well with that spiritual high under belt the next day we went to an orphanage we had never been to before that had over 100 kids. When we arrived the children immediately rushed our car with smiling faces and open arms and man did that feel good. We stayed there all day and played games like duck duck goose and red rover it was a blast. When the day was over and we were packing up to leave one of the little boys who’s name was Ben told me “mwen renmen ou” which means I love you and asked if he would see me tomorrow. I had to tell him that no you would not see me tomorrow and his face sunk into a frown that just broke my heart. The only thing I felt compelled to say was that I loved him too and once I said that I saw a glimpse of a smile which in the long run probably touched me more than it did him. It was so hard to leave knowing that over 100 kids had no mothers or fathers and that I did not know if I would ever see them again. Which in my heart makes me think that when I leave Haiti it will not be a goodbye it will be a see you later so that maybe one day I can see those children again. Leaving places like that its hard not to be sad, and not just take all of them home with you, but I have to tell myself that all I can do is share the light of Jesus and that maybe one day the love that he has given me will also enter theirs hearts and fill them like no other human can. I have hope for the children of Haiti and that is what keeps me going and my heart beating for this nation.

To top of this spiritual journey, this morning we were asked to get up early and help the our women haitian staff cook and clean to prepare for the upcoming day. I woke up super tired from the long day of activity with kids, and to admit a little sour that I had to get up early and do chores. As we began to sweep mop and cook God started working in my heart and my sour attitude began to turn into okay this is not that bad.  After cleaning I was asked to go out back and help them carve the chickens and in my mind Im thinking SALMONILA SALMONILA SALMONILA! But I walk back there with a knife ready to go and they looked at me like I was crazy! Naomi one of ladies pulls up a cement block for me to sit and they demonstrate how the carve the chicken and peel the skin and then cut  the organs out, while Im thinking Im about to demonstrate how to projectile vomit. I pray for a eased stomach and begin to cut the chickens one by one and really start to get the hang of it. The ladies begin to notice that I was getting it and would complement me and say tre bein which means very good! It was such an awesome feeling being able to sit their and really indulge myself in the life of a true Haitian woman. Then it came to me, you do not have to playing with orphans and teaching art projects to be a missionary.That these women were missionaries just on a different field and that they had a true servants heart which is something we all should strive for. You can get on your knees and clean and sit on a cement block and cut up chickens with ladies who don’t understand what your saying but understand what your doing which is helping them with love and wanting to be in their lives. When going into it with a sour attitude and leaving with such a wonderful feeling I realize that God is teaching me so many things and humbling me everyday. He is teaching me to have a true servants heart. These past three days have been magical and I see God in every ounce of it. Sometimes its hard to believe that this is really my life and that I am so lucky to be experiencing the works of Gods hand throughout a nation. We have such a awesome God who is giving me an education I cannot find anywhere else. My mighty Creator is softening my heart and teaching me more about Haitian life so that not only can I talk the talk, but I can walk the walk.

The children from the orphanage, they are so beautiful


One thought on “Walk the Walk

  1. Wiley says:

    Hi Carley, We love keeping up with your activities through your blogs. I wish we could do more to help the people there, but I feel better knowing that you are there and helping them in so many ways. God Bless You and Keep You Safe!
    We love you,
    The Nifong’s

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