Be Fruitful and Multiply

Today was amazing. I never thought in my wildest dreams that God would be using me in so many ways. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God has chosen me to do his work and that my life is this amazing and magical. I do not deserve this. Today we and had our english and bible study classes and I was able to teach the Bible study. I taught on John chapter one and I talked about when Jesus started to have followers such as the Paul. I explained when Jesus gave Simon, his new name which is Peter and what that meant, it meant Jesus was telling him he was a new creature in God. I explained some more and told them about when God transformed me when I asked Jesus to re-enter my life and how my new life is 100 times better then the darkness of my old one with out Him. When I finished Zeke our translater asked if anyone would like to except Christ right then and there. And to my surprise two women boldly raised their hands. I was amazed. After class the two women stayed and we explained to them what this decision meant and that there life was going to be very different and they might be ridiculed for their new found faith and the still said yes. I had to pray for strength so that I would not cry my eyes out the entire time while I prayed for them. They took my hands and I prayed. I was so full of joy I though I was going to burst out of my seat. They repeated after me in Creole and just like that they excepted Christ into their hearts. Once I was done praying tears of joy ran down my face and I had to let them no that I was not sad! But that I was so overcome with joy that I was crying. We hugged and embraced each other and then I realized that God had just used me in a way a couple years I ago I would have never imagined would happen. I was a vessel and my potter used me to do good works and to be fruitful and multiply for his kingdom. It was an amazing feeling and experience I do not deserve but God still blesses me with. I am happy to say that I have two new sisters  and I could not be happier, I cannot believe God has given me this life I am so honored.


One thought on “Be Fruitful and Multiply

  1. Knox Oakley says:

    Amy and I are so proud of you and the transformation that God has made in your life. We look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your blog about your experiences in Haiti. It is so powerful! May God continue to bless you!

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