Fill me up!

Today was awesome if I might say so myself. We have a team here with us this week so we are on the go and I like it. Today we went to a local clinic where one of the doctors on the team saw patients in the community while the others played with the kids and colored and made balloon animals it was a lot of fun. While the doctor was seeing a patient my friend Kessy tells me to come up stairs to help him with something. Kessy was translating for the doctor so in my head what in the world could I do to help, I can speak creole but not fluently and I have no medical training so needless to say my wheels were turning trying to figure out what  he needed my help for. When I walk up the stairs he tells me that there is a woman in there who want to except Christ and that he needed me to pray for her so that she could do so. I was in shock. Not bad shock like I dont want to do this but I was thinking am I qualified to do this? And the answer was yes, I was. We walk into the room and I sit down and hold her hand, she looks at me with a stare that I had never gotten before. Before I start praying I ask God to speak through me and that my words be his words so that this woman will feel His power. I start to pray and praise him for this moment of surrender and praise him for being a light in her life from this day forward.  Kessy who all this time has been translating my prayer tells her to repeat after me. As I prayed she prayed the words that I remember praying, praying that Christ enter her life and to become a new creature in him and that she knew what christ did for her on the cross. It was amazing. After we said amen it was almost like I felt I did not deserve to be there and to witness it. That it was unreal to me that I was a part of something so awesome and  to help create new life for the kingdom. I can say it was one of the most special things I have ever experienced. After that I felt so full but also so empty, empty meaning I was hungry haha.I felt like Esau from the Bible I could have given up my birthright in exchange for some red pottage! So I told Kessy that I wanted to go get food of the side of the road. So me and him left the clinic and went to go find something to eat. Now a lot of Americans will not eat food of the side of the road because of sanitation reasons but I was so hungry I did not care. So we walked up to a place he called Bo Jacklin, It was a shed where a woman was cooking in three big pots some sort of food it smelled good so I was down for whatever was on the menu. We waited for her to finish and Kessy asked if I wanted to eat inside and I said sure why not! We walk in and sat down and as we waited for our food. While waiting other Haitians came in and Im pretty sure they were looking at me like I was crazy. I guess is not usual to see American pottin a squat at the local Bo Jackline. Kessy asked me what I wanted and I told him to load me up with all they got and they women cooking starting laughing at me it was pretty funny. It was so cool being able to indulge in the Haitian culture and spend time with an amazing friend. The food was delicious and the company was great and I ended up eating my whole plate and Im pretty sure the other Haitians were pretty surprised. I felt like a true Haitian and it was an experience that I will never forget! Like I said today was awesome , God never ceases to amaze me.

The woman Who excepted Christ and her children.

Kessy was so proud of me!


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