Ou bèl

Well last week I was having a bit of a tuff time, I was missing my family and kinda the normal American life if you can believe that. I missed getting dressed up, doing my hair and make-up, hanging with my girlfriends, and all other kinds of stuff. I told the people here that I was struggling with it and asked if they would pray for me. Then I realized that I should be praying about it also and to stop wollowing around in my own self pity. I asked God to reveal the true desires of my heart and oh did he. It was not a hard thing to do unless you have a stubborn person like myself. I kept looking for answers in all the wrong places. I thought about how I could bring all these things I missed to Haiti, which was silly when all I needed was right in front of me. Well first off to start a sweet friend of mine sent me a passage from a book called kisses for katie which is a book written by a girl that lives in Uganda and has totally given up her life for the needs of others and to serve the Lord. The passage talked about how she missed normal American life just as I was feeling but that she desired other things more like being spiritually filled and being loved on my hundreds of children and not going through a day without laughing, needless to say it really hit home. After reading this I gave this whole Haiti thing another try. Today we went and taught English and Bible study out at a tent camp in Carriduo, It is something that we do every Monday, Thursday, and now on Saturdays. After the classes I sat with the children on the ground just loving on them and talking when a young girl began to make fun of another girl, the girl was saying to her “Ou lèd”, which means your ugly. The little girl being called names was not as nicely dressed as the other girls and I was told was more poor than the others. When hearing this I began to get mad and really wanted to tell those little girls making fun some non Christ like things, but instead I grabbed Melissa and held her face up to mine and told her “Ou bèl, Jezi renmen ou”, which means “Your beautiful Jesus loves you”, when I said this to her she lit up from the inside out and hugged me tightly. This was what I was looking for. Being able to say the simplest of words to a child in need of some love. The love I felt from this moment is what God knew I needed. He is so cool like that. Yes I still miss my family but God has really made me focus on the bigger purpose and that is sharing his light with everyone I come across and letting them know that Jesus loves them. I am so blessed to be able to be here serving the Almighty King and I cannot wait to see what else he brings into my path.

This Is Melissa


6 thoughts on “Ou bèl

  1. caminportugal says:

    Wow, this is intense! Way to speak grace, truth, and life into those children! You are doing awesome work there 🙂

  2. sarah Rideout says:

    Love u! I’m incredibly blessed to havr you with us and love watching you serve and God speak to your heart. 🙂

  3. Meredith Briley says:

    Carley, I sat down the other day and read every single blog post! I am so excited and encouraged by what God has taught you and is teaching you. I learned many of the same principles in the Dominican Republic… The hard part is coming back to all of the “stuff” in the US that’s just one big distraction and continuing to live what you have learned.

    Keep telling us about what God is teaching you! Those precious children are so blessed to have you there with them to teach them, encourage them, and most importantly, so show the love of Jesus to them the way you did with that little girl.

  4. Sara Russian says:

    Carley, You continue to inspire me to be a better person!!!!!

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