New Hearts

Today was a bit of a tuff day here in Haiti. We have our Heart patients staying with us until they leave for the Dominican Republic next week. One of our patients name’s is Kinsey. Kinsey is four years old and in desperate need of heart surgery, and has started the process of this being accomplished, until today when they ran into a bit of a problem. Kinsey and her Family are Jehovah Witness’s and they do not believe in getting a blood transfusion. This was hard for them to grasp that the surgery was not possible without the transfusion of blood. We had to let them know that Kinsey could die if they did not have this procedure done soon. As her family sat there and prayed and wept I remembered when I first saw Kinsey and her mother. We were on a tap-tap which is a car that carries people in the back almost like and inclosed truck bed. She was laying with her mother on a bumpy ride to the hospital to go get her blood work done. She fell asleep in her mothers arms and I saw the love her mother had for her, it was real and genuine love. The love I want to strive for when I am a mother one day, and it is also the Love I strive for everyday in my relationship with Christ. It was hard for me to understand this love today when her family was debating whether to have the surgery or not. While her family sat and prayed, so did our team. We prayed that the scales would fall from their eyes and would see truth and that is the scriptures of our Lord and that the Lords will be done in this situation. In the end they decided that they would not go through with the surgery and they left. But when they left they did not leave with a peace in their hearts, I believe that our prayers in the other room were heard and were working. Just as the prayers of people at home worked and helped my heart change. I pray that they see the truth and do what Gods will is so that Kinsey can have her new changed heart just like me. God is so amazing in how he works through us and all around us and sometimes it is hard to just sit back and let things happen but there is always hope in prayer. The same hope I found and others praying for me found. Yesterday a friend prayed for me and said thank you God for taking Carley’s old heart and replacing it with a new one full of love and faith, so simple and yet such powerful words. I am so blessed for my change of heart and I can only pray that in Jesus name Kinsey will also have hers.

Kinsey and her mother


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